Scala 1.5T


Scala 1.5T

SS / TI Exhaust System

品牌/Brand: Skoda
型號/Model: Scala
引擎/Engine: 1.5T
年份/Year: 2019-
The catpipe corresponds to OEM


Our Features

VVS Exhaust提供激進的性能聲浪。
高品質的不銹鋼和鈦合金用料並結合精緻的工藝製作。再搭配VVS Exhasut獨特的輕量化設計和完美契合度的造型,這也使每套排氣系統皆有利於馬力與扭力的性能提升。此外我們也提供專業客製化服務。
VVS Exhaust provides aggressive performance sound.
High-quality stainless steel and titanium alloy materials are combined with exquisite craftsmanship. Coupled with VVS Exhasut's unique lightweight design and perfect fit shape, this also makes each exhaust system beneficial to horsepower and torque performance.
In addition, we also provide professional customized services.